Chose A Qualified Dentist Who Offers Needed Services

No one is thrilled about going to the dentist. But, dentistry has changed in the last few years with new equipment and techniques that allow dental work to be done with much less pain and discomfort. Going to the dentist on a regular basis is important to maintain dental and overall health. Take a little time to find the dental clinics nearby and check them out. If possible, take the time to visit each clinic and meet the dentist and the staff. Check out each dentist’s education and qualifications. Clinics such as Murphy Dentistry will have websites.

Why Are Visits To The Dentist Important?

Yearly or twice yearly dental check-ups can uncover dental problems in early stages when they are easy and less painful to correct. Untreated dental problems with teeth, gums, and bite can lead to more serious health problems. Medical experts at the Mayo Clinic believe that good dental care and hygiene can extend a person’s life up to ten years. Vascular diseases and cancer risk can be impacted by dental issues and these diseases may first manifest themselves in the mouth. Dentists are trained to spot trouble spots that may indicate other health problems.

A dental infection can spread to other parts of the body causing serious health problems. Missing teeth or flawed dentition can change the foods a person eats leading to poor nutrition and other health problems. A dental exam can lead to early treatment of health problems and a longer life.

Causes of Oral Disease

Some identified causes of oral disease include insufficient saliva flow, Microbial infections, poor dental hygiene, inherited or congenital defects, tobacco use, too much alcohol drinking, poor diet choices, and chronic diseases. Oral-facial problems such as TMD or jaw joint dysfunction can cause dental problems. Accidents can cause broken teeth that will be susceptible to decay. Many medications used for cancer, osteoporosis, pregnancy, and other conditions can cause dental problems. The most common medication to be concerned about is bisphosphonate.

Avoiding Dental And General Health Problems

Making sure to go to both general health and dental check-ups every year as scheduled will help a person stay healthier or catch problems while they are easier to treat. At home, brush teeth every day, floss teeth regularly, and rinse mouth after eating many foods. Limit alcohol use and cut down on candy and other sweets. For more information go to the website.