Understanding How Christian Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help Heroin Addiction

In its raw state, heroin is a white powdery substance. Users say that it has a bitter taste and the drug can be bought on the street fairly quickly (usually not in raw form). Street heroin is different in color and can range from white to brown, that is, if it has been cut with items such as milk, sugar, milk powder or quinine. Christian addiction treatment centers will help you or your loved one beat this deadly obsession.

Addiction to heroin involves a psychological dependence

Heroin addiction begins with a feeling of fatigue and emptiness. From a strictly chemical point of view, addiction is explained by the inability of the user’s brain to produce enough endogenous opiates because of the constant presence of opiates sent artificially to the body. In spite of all the negative consequences, each heroin addict feels unable to rid him or herself of their addiction.

Heroin provides the user with a ton of physical and mental dependence and takes control of the body and mind. The drug becomes, for addicts, the only way to experience a positive feeling in their life. Dependents also tend to classify the outside world into two groups: those who consume drugs, and those who do not.

Fighting addiction makes people ashamed, weak, and disgusted with themselves. Individuals addicted to heroin tend to lose their job and, thus, will face serious financial problems. To obtain drugs, they steal money from their family, friends and even colleagues.

The effects

One of the reasons that make heroin an addictive drug is its ability to make the user euphoric. This feeling of well-being is often described by patients as an intense rush of euphoria and lasts from a few seconds to a minute. Like pleasure triggered by sex, drug-induced pleasure “frees” the user from all tension.

Once euphoria is over, the person is in a state of falling from sleepiness to restlessness. This state is called “being stoned” because it is a depressant. Given its sedative properties on the central nervous system, the man or woman experiences a sensation of great pleasure, as if their whole being was comfortably wrapped in soft cotton.